Thoroughly managing your courier needs.
truck and a airplane

We can help in delivering packages across the country today with our Air Courier Service. Whether it?s a commercial flight or a chartered aircraft, Rapid Express Courier Systems? next flight out specialists can monitor the same day delivery of your time-critical package. With agent locations covering the United States, we can manage your next flight out shipment from any point of origin to any destination. When it comes to door-to-door service, proof of delivery, package tracking, and updates, Rapid Express Courier Systems is your reliable partner. When you need to have packages delivered nationally today, we are always ready to help.

Key Benefits

  • Move product across the country in a matter of hours, not days
  • Specialized handling insures your shipment makes it to the destination on time.
  • Bonded and insured

Our Technology

  • We utilize the latest dispatch technology to bring you real-time tracking of orders.
  • Orders are transmitted to the delivery staff via handheld mobile devices.
  • Proof of delivery is emailed to the client in real-time upon delivery.
  • Drivers are tracked in real-time through our GPS system.